Welcome friends old and new

Important (and yet fun) notice

I am going to close down this page as a means to get people organized, I am still trying to get people together but we will be using facebook in the future. I have set up a private group for people to join.

If you’re down to play and get this adventure ball rolling then sign up with the facebook group. If you don’t sign up, you won’t get an invite to play, thus leaving you to lament forever in a grey field of your own design. No one wants to be in that field, so make sure you sign up before my premium account runs out on this site.

The reasons for moving is that I am paying 5 bucks a month for essentially no reason, we can just as easily organize on facebook.

Let’s try and make this happen. We’ve had a shaky start so far with people attending, so let’s try and get something solid worked out.


Here is the link ^ Either click it or search for “the dice consortium” on facebook. See you all there!!1