Wood Elf Cleric of the Tempest


GRIM is a shadowy character, dressing in black leather armour and a hooded cloak. He blends into the shadows easily and knows how to not be noticed. He has medium-length black hair and a pale, almost sickly blue, complexion. Average in size and build, GRIM is a nimble combatant and is very well-trained with the rapier which he carries on his hip. He also carries a buckler and a whip, along with a well-hidden dagger or two.


GRIM was orphaned at young age and consequently does not know anything about his elven ancestry. He has always had a knack for getting into trouble. When he found himself ejected by the orphanage, he took to petty crime and streetlife. He eventually fell in with thieves’ guilds and organized crime.

But, GRIM is not always careful. Once the heat became too much, he escaped by getting a job on a ship and sailing away from his pursuers. In time, GRIM took to the life of a sailor and once again fell in with criminals — this time with a notorious pirate gang. After proving his worth, GRIM managed to secure a position on an infamous ship working the coast.

GRIM’s life changed forever on that ship. A powerful city sent out its best warship to track down and destroy the infamous pirate ship. The battle was vicious and turned the sea red. However, the defining moment was when a great storm appeared out of nowhere, smashing both ships and drowning the crews.

GRIM rode out the freak hurricane easily, clinging to some floating debris. He was the only known survivor. As he recovered from the harrowing experience, GRIM discovered that he had been blessed by a divine power. He was able to manifest the power of the tempest, though he still does not understand why he was given these powers.

What is their purpose? What is their true source? Why was he chosen — and chosen by whom? Then, there’s still the issue of GRIM’s crimes, his reputation and the bounties placed on his head, too.

A former pirate and thief, now blessed with the divine power of the tempest and the sea’s fury, GRIM roams the world looking for answers. And he still can’t stay out of trouble.


Passages of the Mad King Ashoka